Piikani Traditional Knowledge Society (PTKS) is a Not-For-Profit resource centre that is committed to the preservation and promotion of traditional knowledge and culture of Piikani people.  Piikani Traditional Knowledge Services operates out of the Buffalo Skull Lodge and is committed to sustaining and preserving Piikanisinni the way of life of the Piikani that identifies characteristic values, principles and integrity maintained from ancient Piikani culture and practices.  It is a centre for preserving Piikani traditional knowledge through its services and programs:

- Piikanissi  Cultural Education and Training to strengthen the Blackfoot language practices and increase knowledge of our Piikani culture, history and identity: Blackfoot Language and Songs Program; Cultural Awareness Education and Training; and Youth Programs.

- Piikanissini Cultural Mobilization: Piikani Ceremonies and Cultural Activities.

- Piikanissini Data Management preserves the collection of Piikani History and Identity: Piikani Archival Collection and Records storage.

- Under the supervision of Piikani Traditional Knowledge Services and in keeping with the mandate to provide programs and resources that promote Piikanissini the Aitsi’poyopa (Speaking Blackfoot) Language.

Piikani Traditional Knowledge Services (PTKS) is a department of the Piikani Nation whose mandate is preservation and enhancement of Piikani-Blackfoot heritage and culture.  As such we provide educational outreach with a variety of programs and services available in cross-cultural awareness and understanding.


To enhance, preserve, protect and be keepers of our Piikani – Blackfoot culture, language, spirituality, songs, customs and history which includes values that encompass altogether:Wind, Land, Water, Sun, Plants and Animals

Piikani Tradition Knowledge Services