Piikani-Blackfoot Research & Innovation

PTKS is a department of the Piikani Nation whose mandate is preservation and enhancement of Piikani-Blackfoot heritage and culture. As such we provide educational outreach with a variety of programs and services available in Cross-Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity targeted to classrooms, educators and industry professionals alike.

Our current and innovative programming is developed, delivered and managed by personnel with extensive experience in education having worked in provincial and on-reserve school districts for over a decade. Our preference is to work alongside organizations to develop customized educational programming to meet your specific programming objectives and timelines. Some of our current and locally developed programs include: 

- Aboriginal Awareness and Sensitivity Training;
- FNMI Strategies for Service Providers;
- Complete Residential Schools Education (Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Applying the TRC in my Organization);
- Blackfoot History (Pre and Post contact; Treaties, Current History); 
- Coordination of Elder Presentations and Visits; 
- Blackfoot Sacred Sites Tours;
- Certified Traditional Games and Sports Clinics (Instruction);  
- Blackfoot Language Instruction
- Youth Afterschool and Summer Programs

Contact us and ask how we can serve your needs; all programming could be customized to suit your needs.

Piikani Traditional Knowledge Services is currently building and maintaining a resource library where archives will be archived and catalogued as per industry and cultural standards.

Existing archives are in the process of digitization for future access of community.

"Indigenous peoples have the right to practise and revitalize their cultural traditions and customs. This includes the right to maintain, protect and develop the past, present and future manifestations of their cultures, such as archaeological and historical sites, artefacts, designs, ceremonies, technologies and visual and performing arts and literature" Article 11(1). United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People,

Piikani-Blackfoot Cultural Mobilization  

Piikani-Blackfoot Historical Archives

Piikani Traditional Knowledge Services also provides access to and the coordination of Piikani-Blackfoot ceremony and cultural activities. When and where appropriate PTKS has the capacity to provide access to ceremonial and cultural activities.

Cultural and Heritage Activities

Our staff have extensive experience in the planning and delivery of small to large scale cultural activities and events. Events that we promote and participate in involve a positive connection of the Blackfoot heritage to the province of Alberta. Some of these events include:

Mini Pow Wows 
Dance and Drum Showcases
Opening Ceremonies (Honor Songs; Flag Songs)

Piikani-Blackfoot Cultural and Educational Programming 

Piikani Traditional Knowledge Services is also a community resource and cultural center for access to research on Piikani history. We are currently in the process of building a resource library and digital archive to hold Piikani history and records in trust for future generations of Piikani research and appropriate access. 

PTKS also has on-site and mobile audio and video recording equipment to capture and preserve oral histories and stories

Piikani Tradition Knowledge Services