Piikani Traditional Knowledge Services

Piikani nation

Piikani Blackfoot Cultural 

Education & Training 

PTKS is a department of the Piikani Nation whose mandate is preservation and enhancement of Piikani-Blackfoot heritage and culture. As such we provide educational outreach with a variety of programs and services available in Cross-Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity targeted to classrooms, educators and industry professionals alike.

Our current and innovative programming is developed, delivered and managed by personnel with extensive experience in education having worked in provincial and on-reserve school districts for over a decade. Our preference is to work alongside organizations to develop customized educational programming to meet your specific programming objectives and timelines. Some of our current and locally developed programs include: 

Aboriginal Awareness and Sensitivity Training;

FNMI Strategies for Service Providers;

Complete Residential Schools Education (Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Applying the TRC in my Organization);

Blackfoot History (Pre and Post contact; Treaties, Current History);

Coordination of Elder Presentations and Visits;

Blackfoot Sacred Sites Tours;

Certified Traditional Games and Sports Clinics (Instruction);  

Blackfoot Language Instruction

Youth Afterschool and Summer Programs

Contact us and ask how we can serve your needs.